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Reporting positive COVID-19 cases please communicate with the number below:
Ms Despina Giannikouri: Tel:22799366  - Email:  nurse@englishschool.ac.cy
Ms Elena Michaelides:  Tel: 22799305   - Email:  pastoral@englishschool.ac.cy



Year 1 Entrance Exams (Entry 2021-22)
We are delighted to announce our Year One Entrance Examination date for September 2021:
* The examinations will take place on Saturday 20th March at the school, 8.00-12.00
* Applications for the examinations will run from 8.00 on 22nd February to 11.00 on 16th March
* Registrations for places will close on 9th April
* The diagnostic language test for new entrants will run 8.00-9.00 on 17th April 
More details will follow





School Life

MEDIMUN XVI Embarking on a new era!
MEDIMUN this year will be held virtually.  Teachers and delegates from 25 different schools will be participating.  
El Sistema Cyprus
A quote of inspiration for El Sistema Cyprus: “I would teach music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning”- Plato.
Nicholas Pitsillos, 5R participated in the International Art French Competition
We are pleased to announce that Nicholas Pitsillos, 5R participated in the International Art French Competition organised by the Institut Mondial D'art de La Jeunesse in Troyes (France). 
European Statistics Competition Success
Congratulations to two of our teams that took part in the national phase of European Statistics competition 2021. 

Our School

Download The English School Prospectus
At The English School, the ethos of excellence is a long-established source of pride for staff, students and our alumni.   Click here  to view our prospectus Raised on a Legacy, To Lead. #TheEnglishSchool #TheEnglishSchoolLegacy #AChoiceForLife 
Safeguarding at The English School
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University Entry Department

Careers & University Entry
Securing a University place at a competitive University is the ultimate ambition of our students and acceptance at a top University requires much more than just good A Level grades.   

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