118 Years Legacy

A 118-year legacy

The English School, A Choice for Life

The school motto is ‘Non sibi sed scholae’ which means that students should be proud to be a member of the school and put the school community and other people before their own needs.
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A 118 Year Legacy
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School Life

Year 4 Geography Trip to Switzerland 2018
On June 27th some 70 Year 4 students travelled with their Geography teachers to the country of Switzerland.
Update from our Hope for Children
On the 18th June 2018,  The Hope for Children CRC Policy Centre’s facilitators invited our students and teacher in-charge Ms Maro Polydorou to test a pilot video game developed for the European Project CONVEY – Digital Education for Gender Equality.
Lower School Last Assembly
Last Assemblies for Year 1 and Year 2 on the 21st June 2018 and Year 3 on the 22nd June.
Enjoy the photos and the images of the presentation shared. 
Irene Kyriacou Haller EU Back to School
“EU Back to School” is an inter-institutional initiative whereby European Union officials go back to their former secondary school in their hometown, and discuss their work and Experiences in the EU.
Ms Irene Kyriacou Haller visited her old school on April 17, 2018. She presented her work during the Year 3 assembly and then had an interview with Year 3 students Irene Eleni Constantinou, Giorgos Christofi, Chara Efstathiou and Andreas Theodotou.

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Securing a University place at a competitive University is the ultimate ambition of our students and acceptance at a top University requires much more than just good A Level grades.   

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