Activities Listing

ESL20 Charity Car Wash
Another successful event by our ESL20 team!
Senior Girls start the season!
Our Senior girls gave it a shot today with the 1st match of the season between Kitchener and Wolseley.
What are our children doing in afternoon games?
The Sporting Technology club gives us an insight of yesterday's (07th October 2019) basketball game between Beaconsfield and Kitchener.
AV Ancient World competition
Two of our students Anna Petrides and Stelios Sycallides successfully participated in the  AV Competition.

13th National Session of EYP Cyprus
Six delegates were chosen to represent The English School at the 13th National Session of EYP Cyprus, 28 to 31 of August in Cyprus.
The Economics Society – Back to School initiative
On Saturday the 28th September, 45 Year 7 students with the Economics society participated in the EU back to school initiative.
Year 7 Forest Cleanup Initiative
A year 7 initiative to clean up the forest area in front of the School, took place on Sunday, 29th October 2019.
News from our Erasmus+ Team
​Our Erasmus+ team are on their way to Nieszawa, Poland where the forth of six partner meetings will be taking place throughout this week, our year 3 students Mikaela, Panos, Christina, Natasa and Georgia accompanied by Mrs Leonie Hadjithoma and Mr Kamil Kutoglu.
Design & Technology
Congratulations to all the Design & Technology students for their excellent results at GCSE, AS and A-Level.
Activities Fair 2019
On the 16th September 2019 at 12:50 our students were able to visit over 60 different extra-curricular stalls. 
Jubilee Workshop, September 2019
Education is also fun and we love organizing fun activities for our students.  This is an opportunity for them to bond with their peers and teachers as well as develop their social skills.
GCSE Music year 4 rising stars!
On Thursday 20th June the members of the GCSE music 4th form group presented their solo performances and free compositions to an appreciative audience of teachers, family and friends.
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