A Messiah for our Time

23 Dec. 2019

A Messiah for our Time
A Messiah for our Time
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The Music Department’s Senior Choir and Orchestra with the support of ESPA (English School Parents Association), presented this holiday season excerpts from the much-beloved Handel’s Oratorio, Messiah.

A ‘Messiah for our Time’ brought together the English School Community as students, parents, teachers and alumni joined forces to spread the Christmas Spirit through Music and Giving. Under the direction of guest conductor Mr Petros Stylianou, the choir and orchestra gave two exceptional concerts, one at the Pallas theatre on December 9th and one in the Holy Cross Church on December 10th. Both venues provided the setting for inspiring performances and the opportunity for our students and the audience to experience the spirit of the season, and to sing amongst other pieces, the famous ‘Hallelujah’ chorus. The students ranging from Forms 1-7, rose up to the challenge of the music and gave the audience a night to remember.
Across the globe, Handel’s Messiah is an essential Christmas tradition.  The first performance in 1742 was held as a benefit concert to raise money for several good causes, including to pay off the debts of those in prisons in Dublin, which is extraordinary as Handel himself was in debt, but agreed to this astonishing act of generosity. Handel continued this tradition by performing Messiah at fundraising concerts for orphaned children housed at the Foundling Hospital in London.
Following in Handel’s footsteps, ‘A Messiah For our Time’  reached out to the wider community by supporting Caritas Cyprus. Daily Caritas Cyprus encounters men, women and children with no means to survive.  It works at the grassroots level providing relief to those who need it and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  It provides the poor, the displaced and the vulnerable (particularly migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, domestic workers and victims of human trafficking) with humanitarian aid and administrative, legal and psychosocial support.

Tickets to the concerts were made available to the wider Caritas community, inviting them to come and experience the timeless message of Messiah.  Also in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, non-perishable food items were collected at the door to ensure that vulnerable families would be supported during Christmas.

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