Year 1 students celebrated diversity and community spirit and sealed their first term in The English School with Poetry, Music and Dance

09 Jan. 2020

Year 1 students celebrated diversity and community spirit and sealed their first term in The English
Year 1 students celebrated diversity and community spirit and sealed their first term in The English
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The Year 1 Cultural Event, held on Thursday, December 19, 2019, was a complete success.

Year 1 students read poetry in their own language (English, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese) and Played music for their parents and teachers. Furthermore, a group of Year 1 girls prepared their own choreography and danced a Greek Christmas song (Χριστούγεννα Αγκαλιά’), preparing the audience for the tree lighting ceremony which followed the event.

With regards to the Christmas trees, it is worth mentioning that Year 1 students decorated the trees in the outside quadrangle by the Hall with toys that they bought form the Cyprus Leukemia Association and all money raised from this initiative were given to children sick with leukaemia.

A huge thank you to Year 1 Pastoral Team for this wonderful initiative and a well-done to all students involved.
Year 1 Pastoral Team
Dr Eva Polyviou (Head of Year); Ms Thekla Papastavrou (Form Tutor of 1 Black), Mr Christos Kilaniotis (Form Tutor of 1 Green), Ms Chryso Constantinou (Form Tutor of 1 Jade), Ms Luzdary Hammad Stavrou (Form Tutor of 1 Red), Mr Michalis Gavrielides (Form Tutor of  1 White) and Ms Leoni Hadjithoma (Form Tutor of 1 Yellow).

Special Thanks to:
Ms Elena Ignatiou, Assistant Head i/c of Lower School Pastoral and Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis, Assistant Head i/c of Extracurricular Activities and Events for their support.

The ES Parents Association for offering snacks and drinks.

  1. Ariana Michaelides (1J) and
  2. Ariana Demeriades (1J)
Poetry reading
  1. Andreana Eliade (1B) – Greek
  2. Sophia Kleopa (1B) – Greek
  3. Natalie Kremmou (1B) – Armenian
  4. Nadji Talat Indjirli (1B) – Turkish
  5. Tamar Tavitian (1B) – Armenian
  6. Melina Sophocleous (1G) – Hungarian
  7. Lito Daskalaki (1J) – German
  8. Ariana Demetriades (1J) – English
  9. Reya Karayalcin (1J) – English/Turkish
  10. Phivi Ariadni Vassialiadou Schlafli (1J) – Spanish
  11. Angeliki Fotiou (1R) – German
  12. Katerina Cleanthous (1R) – French
  13. Jayden Maroun (1R) – Russian
  14. Simoni Agroti (1W) – English
  15. Giorgos Charalambides (1W) – Greek (Cypriot dialect)
  16. Alexandros Economides (1W) – English
  17. Lena Giorgalli (1W) – French
  18. Ioannis Hadjipavlou (1W) – Greek (Cypriot dialect)
  19. Christophoros Panayi (1W) – Greek
  20. Deniz Gouzoglu (1Y) – Turkish
  21. Koubilay Uzkan (1Y) – Turkish
  22. Chenye Yang (1Y) – Chinese
Musical Interludes
  1. Sophia Kleopa (1B) – Cello
  2. Maria Theofanous (1G) – Flute 
  3. Marios Georgiades (1J) – Guitar
  4. Jayden Maroun (1R) – Piano
  5. Joseph Skordis (1Y) – Violin
  6. Angelos Michael (1Y) – Saxophone
  7. Vasiliki Christofi (1Y) – Violin
  1. Artemis David (1B)
  2. Lito Daskalaki (1J)
  3. Sophia Houtri (1J)
  4. Eleni Ktori (1J)
  5. Andrea Lauri (1J)
  6. Irini Panayiotou (1J)
  7. Phivi Ariadni Vassiliadou Schlafli (1J)
  8. Natalie Hadjivassiliou (1W)
  9. Anastasia Hadjiyianni (1Y)
  10. Ioli Klitou (1Y)
  11. Pantelia Papageorgiou (1Y)
  12. Andreana Pieri (1Y)
  13. Ioanna Skordi (1Y)
  14. Dimitra Stavrou (1Y)
  15. Eleni Stavrou (1Y)

All phots before and after can be found by clicking here

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