Entrance Exams Key Dates

Key dates regarding the upcoming 2020-2021 Entrance Examinations: 

  1. Parent Information Evening for Prospective Year 1 parents and students: To be announced
  2. Year 1 Entrance Exam registrations: 22nd February-16th March at 11:00 am inclusive
  3. Year 1 Entrance Exams: Saturday 20th March 2021
  4. Year 1 Entrance Exam results released: 22nd March
  5. Year 1 Parent Orientation Evening (Greek Speakers): To be announced, depending on coronavirus update.
  6. Year 1 Parent Orientation Evening: To be announced, depending on coronavirus update.
  7. Year 1 2020-2021 registrations close (Ministry deadline): 9th April 
  8. Year 1 2020-2021 language diagnostic tests: 17th April
  9. Mid-Programme Entry registrations: 17th-31st May
  10. Year 6 Mid-programme entry interviews and tests: Friday 4th June
  11. Years 2-4 Mid-programme entry exams: Saturday 5th June
  12. Release of Mid-programme entry results: Thursday 
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