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    What is the English School?
    For over 114 years The English School has succeeded in providing a holistic education and this is what sets The English School student apart.
    English School graduates are found to have excelled in all walks of life both abroad and in Cyprus, and the bond that joins them has proved to last a lifetime.
    MEDIMUN 2015
    As official organisers of MEDIMUN, this year was our 10th anniversary and our biggest year yet with 27 schools - 420 participants
    What Is The English School?
    The English School is one of the oldest English-medium schools outside the UK. Founded as part of the British colonial apparatus, it is now a proud jewel of educational excellence, known in Cyprus and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.
    What Is The English School?
    The English School is a school of well over 1000, a school for all Cypriots, from whichever community on the island they come, as our founder Canon Newham always intended.
    What Is The English School?
    The English School is a busy community of very ambitious young men and women, all striving to get the best out of their school days and to move on to challenging paths in higher education.
    What Is The English School?
    Traditional stone buildings meet new state of the arts Science Building.
    What Is The English School?
    The English School believes that the modern student not only requires good academic skills. They also need to be open-minded, able to analyse, think critically, question, be flexible and prepared for the local and global challenges they will face in and beyond education.

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    29 June 2015
    Option Changes
    A letter has been sent out to parents and students involved in choosing options for the next academic year regarding the procedure for changing their options. The letter includes important dates and deadlines...
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    University Entry Department


    Careers & University Entry
    Securing a University place at a competitive University is the ultimate ambition of our students and acceptance at a top University requires much more than just good A Level grades. 


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