Charity Theatrical Performance in memory of Mr George Hadjigeorgiou

10 Apr. 2019

Charity theatrical performance
Charity theatrical performance
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Charity theatrical performance, “A Picasso”, at the A. G. Leventios Gallery, Amphitheatre Konstantinos Leventis, on the 15th of April, 2019, at 8.30 p.m.

Tickets at the price of 15,00 Euro will be available at The English School reception. Contact number: 2279300.

The performance is a production of Alfa Square and has been kindly conceded to The English School by its director, Andreas Araouzos, an old boy of The English School. The proceeds will be donated to PASYKAF.
In Paris of 1941 Picasso is interrogated by the Nazis in a basement, about the authenticity of three of his paintings. Miss Fisher, a cultural attaché from Berlin is given the mission to decide upon which of the three paintings is authentic, so that it can be included in an exhibition organised by the Nazis, who recently seized the paintings from their Jewish owners. The propaganda ministry has just scheduled a report that a great painter can certify the authenticity of the painting. Soon, however, the real picture will become clear to Picasso’s eyes and he will have to reveal the truth to the artist and place the artist in a very difficult position.
The play, by Jefffrey Hutcher, has been directed by Andreas Araouzos, and translated by Varnavas Kyriazis who plays the role of Picasso. In the role of Miss Fisher Niove Charalambous. Props and costumes by Giorgos Yiannou and lighting by Costas Charalambous.

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