2018/2019 Approved Educational Trips

02 Nov. 2018

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We are pleased to inform you that the trips outlined below will be available for students this academic year.  

Visits to countries beyond the Island provide students with numerous benefits in terms of developing their experiences both socially and culturally, enhancing language provision and appreciating other ways of life, along with the obvious sightseeing.
Trip Organisers will communicate with parents in due course.
For easy reference we will upload these to this post. 

Letter regarding the status of the 2018/2019 Approved Educational Trips was firwarded 11th December click here to see a copy. 

Trip/ Department Year group Destination Approx.
Trip Organisers Estimated Cost (EUR)   Status
MLD / French Years 4-6 Brussels, Belgium July 1st Week Ms. R Christopoulos €1000 Letter 14.11 Cancelled
MLD / Spanish Years 3-4 Granada, Spain 22nd Feb to 2nd Mar 2019 Ms. V Rengel-Kefala €1200 Letter 30.10 Scheduled to happen
MLD / Spanish Years 4-7 Madrid, Spain 01st to 06th Jul 2019 Ms. V Rengel-Kefala €1200 Letter 7.11 Cancelled
History Years 3-6 Krakow, Poland TBC Ms S Jamgochian €900 Letter 7.11
 Letter 13.11  (For Year 5)
Scheduled to happen
Geography Years 4-5 Switzerland July Mr J Lodge €1550 (includes all meals)  Letter hand given to Geography Students  Scheduled to happen
Economics & Business Years 6 London, UK 04th to 09th Jul 2019
Mr D Moiseos €900 Letter 7.11 Cancelled
Maths Year 4 Munich, Switzerland, Strasbourg 29th Jun to 07th Jul 2019
Ms M Stefanou €1400 Letter 16.11 Scheduled to happen
Maths Year 5 London, UK 30th Jun to 04th Jul 2019
Ms M Hassapopoulou
Ms S Neocleous
€800 Letter 13.11 Scheduled to happen
Creative and Performing Arts Trip Groups from years 4 -7 Verona, Italy 27th Mar to 01st Apr 2019 Ms A M Tellalis Under €1000 Letter to Art Students 
Consent form
Scheduled to happen
* Dates are suggested dates & could change based on ticket availability

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