Eco-School Environmental Initiative

17 Jan. 2020

Environmental program 'Tiganokinisis'
Environmental program 'Tiganokinisis'
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We are delighted to be in a position to inform you about the start of the environmental program 'Tiganokinisis' in our school. Tiganokinisis is an educational, environmental program about the collection of used cooking oils.

The aim of the program is the increased awareness, education, cooperation and empathy towards environmental issues of students, staff and parents. The participation in the program cultivates the feeling of shared responsibility and understanding in regard to environmental protection and contributes to the creation of a new culture to ensure a better future.

Our students are encouraged to bring to our school used cooking oil and leave it in the designated area near the entrance facing Athalassas Avenue.  Our students participating in the program will empty the oil in the large barrel which can be seen in the image. The program contributes to the conversion of used material (cooking oil) into a useful commodity, biodiesel, while at the same time offers a motive for the development of environmental conscience and education.

We hope to see your involvement which will help this program succeed, reinforcing our efforts for a practical contribution to ensuring a healthy environment for our children.


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