Exam Revision

07 May 2019

Revision Schedule
Revision Schedule
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For Lower School, a Revision Guide was prepared to assist students to plan their revision.
For Middle School and Upper School, detailed exam support and revision workshops have been scheduled.   For more details see below. 

Lower School

Years 1 to 3

Revision Guide

As you enter into the final phase of this academic year, you should reflect on your efforts and achievements in the first two terms, and begin your systematic revision for End-of-Year exams.
Examination time can be stressful.  However, having a solid revision plan in place, managing your time wisely, and working systematically will prepare you for the final stretch.
In order to help our students get started on their revision, we have prepared a Revision Booklet per year group, which contains study skills and tips, as well as the topics/skills required per subject.
Subject teachers are here to support our students throughout this time, offering encouragement and guidance along the way.  We believe in you – set the bar high!  
The journey to learning is not an easy path.  Learn from your mistakes.  Plan accordingly.  Revise thoroughly.
Remember:  success is a reflection of your efforts.  With great effort, comes great reward.

  Year 1 Revision Guide
  Year 2 Revision Guide
 Year 3 Revision Guide

Middle and Upper School

Years 4* to 7

Revision during the study leave period
Individual Department Schedules

Updated:  22nd April 2019

The term has now come to its end and the external exams are fast approaching. As a result, students need to prepare a properly structured revision programme, in preparation for the forthcoming examinations. 
Although our students can achieve a lot by revising on their own, we believe that productive revision depends upon the strength of the partnership between student and the school. For this reason, during the study leave period, which begins after the Easter vacation on 6th May 2019, the school has put in place a structured revision programme that covers all examinable subjects.

Please note that there may be a need occasionally to make some slight amendments, therefore, we would advise our students to refer to the revision schedule before coming to school to see updated times and venues of the sessions they would like to attend.
  Revision Schedule 

* Year 4 only contains the revision schedule for external exam subjects and not end-of-year exams.

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