Economics Revision lessons sponsored by Hellas Direct

14 Jun. 2021

Year 7 Economics Revision Sessions
Year 7 Economics Revision Sessions
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We are very pleased to announce that the Economics Department will offer revision sessions in September for all Year 6 Economics students going to Year 7.  The sessions are sponsored by Hellas Direct. 

The Economics Department is delighted to announce that revision sessions will be offered on: 

  • Saturday 18th September 2021  9:00 am  - 12:00 noon
  • Saturday 25th September 2021  9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Saturday 9th October 2021   9:00 am  - 13:00pm
These lessons will cover material taught in year 6, with emphasis on past paper material.
During the sessions, students will be divided into Groups A and B: 
  • On the 18th of September, Group A will be revising Theme 1 and Group B Theme 2, with a short break in between (10.30 – 10.45).
  • On the 25th September, groups will switch, with Group B revising Theme 1 and Group A Theme 2, with a short break in between (10.30 – 10.45).
  • The final session on  Saturday 9th October will focus solely on past paper practice, with each group working for a 2-hour time interval on each theme and then switching around. A short break will be provided in between the two sessions (11.00 – 11.15).
  • Please note that students will be provided with revision booklets integrated with past paper questions, all provided by the Economics Department.
 These sessions are mandatory for all students taking Economics in Years 7.
Antoinette Diola- Skordi
Head of Economics


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