Youth Action Day

17 Oct. 2017

Youth Action Team
Youth Action Team
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Over the last few weeks, a group of English School students have been working on the preparation of a new annual initiative called ‘Youth Action Day’, which will take place for the first time on the 30th January as a pilot projectThis day is a School holiday – The 3 Hierarchs Day

On ‘Youth Action Day’, 6th grade English School students will spend the day working in a local business. Instead of being paid, their wages of €30 (firms are allowed to pay more) will be donated to a charity that provides support for educational initiatives in Less Developed Countries, i.e. all money collected will be donated to the Sophia Foundation to support their orphanage in Kenya.

This first Youth Action Day will offer our students a chance to experience a real-time working environment, as well as give them an opportunity to find out in person if a certain future job or related university choice will actually suit them. At the same time, Youth Action Day will allow Cypriot companies to support local youth as well as implement some of their company’s social responsibilities.
Please support our Students.

Click here to download the letter so you can help
Click here to download a copy of the presentation prepared by the students.

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