ESPA AGM 2016 Invitation

Dear Parents and Guardians,
ESPA Council would like to welcome all Parents and Guardians (Parents) to this year’s AGM, which is to take place on Monday, 31st October 2016.
The English School Parents Association’s primary scope is to represent the interests of all English School parents, raise and address issues of concern and support the school in achieving its goals as an institution of educational excellence that is comparable to the best performing private schools in the UK.
ESPA’s efforts during the academic year 2015 / 2016 were focused on four pillars:
1.  Educational Excellence
a.  Addressing issues of parents’ concerns on incidences where “Educational Excellence”
has not been served
b.  Supporting   and   further   encouraging   high   educational   performance   through sponsorships and awards
c.   Coordinating with the school in improving Policies, Procedures and Monitoring Practices that will ensure the further development of the school and its academic success
2.  Infrastructure and School Facilities
a.  Addressing issues of infrastructure and safety
b.  Coordinating with the school and supporting the improvement of facilities
3.   Support and Encourage the further Development of Clubs and Other School Activities
a.  Physical support with activities
b.  Sponsorship and Infrastructure
4.  Supporting and Improving School Interaction and celebrate the Multicultural ethos of the School
a.  Organising a number of events and activities with the view to bring parents together in an interaction with the students and the school
 Note: You can download a copy of all this communication below including a list of ESPA’s main activities during the academic year 2015 /2016.


Monday 31st October 2016, 18:30                          
To achieve our yearly objectives, we cooperate, via an open line of communication, with all other stakeholders of the School community; the Board of Management, the Headmaster and Staff, Parents, Students and the English School Old Boys and Girls Association (ESOBGA), on a regular basis, with the view of identifying ways to further improve the school, find constructive solutions and share ideas on various issues, for the benefit of the school and its students.
ESPA joined its efforts with the School’s Management and Board to ensure that the school excels and
retains its status as an institution of academic excellence and the best school on the island.
Over the years, ESPA successfully organised social events, contributed to charity events, subsidised travel for students representing our school abroad and contributed towards school equipment such as furniture and fittings and the school infrastructure. At the same time, we quietly work for positive changes in curriculum, teaching methods, discipline, school infrastructure and other issues of concern of our members and the school.
ESPA Council strongly encourages and welcomes the active participation of all parents in its efforts to support the school and the students to achieve their goals and expresses its pride for the School’s ongoing achievements. Having said that, ESPA Council is always ready to constructively address issues that will improve the school and ensure its future success.
Note: Download the ESPA membership form and online
We take this opportunity to welcome all Parents and Students to the new academic year and wish them every success.
We further invite all Parents to attend the AGM and join our efforts and joy of supporting the school.
Marios Anastasiou                                               Dr Paola Nicolaides
ESPA Chairman                                                   ESPA Secretary


   Download ESPA AGM 2016 Invitation 121016 (A copy of the above, also including AGM Agenda, Main Activities 2015/2016, ESPA application for Election)
Download ESPA Membership Form

   Download AGM Minutes 29/10/15

   Download ESPA Financial Statements 01/09/15-31/08/16 (FINAL SIGNED)
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