ESPA AGM 2018 Invitation

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M)
Monday 29th October 2018
The English School Hall

On behalf of The English School Parents' Association (ESPA) we would like to invite you to attend ESPA's 2018 AGM that will take place on Monday 29th October 2018, 18:30 at The English School Hall

We look forward in seeing you all at the AGM and invite you to join us in our efforts. 

Marios Anastasiou                                                     Panicos Makariou
ESPA Chairman                                                        ESPA Secretary

Copy of the ESPA AGM 2018 Invitation download a copy here

Copy of the application form can be downloaded here (word),  or here (pdf)


Monday 29th  October 2018, 18:30                          
The English School, Hall

1.  Addresses
2.  Approval of Minutes of the AGM of 30th October, 2017
3.  Report by the ESPA Chairman, Mr Marios Anastasiou
4.  Accounts and Auditors' Report

5.  Nomination and approval of Auditors
6. Elections (expected to begin around 20:00 and ballot boxes will close by 21:45)

1. All Parents/Guardians of the English School are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of ESPA.
2.  In accordance with the ESPA Constitution, five (5) new members will be elected to serve on the ESPA Council (the total number of the members of the ESPA Council is 15).
Nominations must be submitted to any member of the Secretariat: Mr. Marios Anastasiou, Mr. Anastasios Anastasiades, Mr. Panicos Makariou or Mr Elie Salame of the ESPA Council at least 48 hours before the AGM provided they have already settled their membership, on a specially prepared form (attached) which must be signed by the person nominated and by a supporting person member of ESPA.
Candidates may, if they so wish, include a short CV of max 50 words together with the form, which shall be circulated to the members present at the AGM and present themselves to and address the AGM for a maximum time of 2 minutes.
The constitution, the application form and contact details of the Members of the Secretariat can be found in this section of The English School website. 
3.  Please remember to pay/renew your subscription preferably 48 hours before the AGM - and not later thatn the 27th October 2018, (EUR26.00 per family), which will enable you to vote and be voted.  Both parents/guardians are eligible to vote with one subscription.  Settlement of your subscription can be made at the Bank or the JCC Smart portal prior to the AGM. 
4.  You are also required to bring with you proof of identity such as an I.D. card, a driver’s licence
or any other similar document bearing your photo.
Please note that without proof of payment of the subscription and proof of identity, you will not be able to vote or be voted. So please remember to have both documents with you on the day of the AGM.
5.  Copies of the Accounts, the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 30th October 2017 will be available on the School website – parents section ( and also on the day of the AGM.


Copy of the ESPA AGM 2018 Invitation download a copy here

Copy of the application form can be downloaded here (word),  or here (pdf)
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