Uniform Regulations

All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform and parents must ensure that this is done.
There are Summer and Winter Uniforms and the periods for each type are announced by the School according to the weather conditions prevailing at the time.

Supplier – DROUSKO Clothing

14 Photi Pitta Street, 
1065 Nicosia, 
Tel. 22761080. 
(Same road as the EAC Central Offices, parallel to Stassikratous Street).

NB All items are badged with The English School colours and logos, so that we achieve uniformity of colour and fabric. No items of uniform from other suppliers will be acceptable apart from the shoes/trainers.


You will be able to choose from:

Girls’ Summer Uniform
Boys’ Summer Uniform
Girls’ Winter Uniform
Boys’ Winter Uniform
The Sports uniform

Formal Occasions:
• For formal occasions such as parades, Graduation ceremony and Founders day students should wear the School white shirt with the school tie that is accompanied by the School blazer.
Socks and Tights
• Only plain black, grey or navy socks or tights should be worn.

• The highest standards of appearance, in dress, personal neatness and cleanliness, are expected of students at all times.
• Students coming to School improperly dressed or otherwise of unacceptable appearance, may be sent home or kept out of class.
•  “Sleepers” may be worn if ears are pierced.
• No make-up is allowed at school except for Senior Girls (Years 6 and 7) who are allowed light make up and nail varnish.
• Boys are not allowed to grow beards but are allowed to be unshaven provided appearance is neat and clean.
• Boys are also allowed to have long hair provided it is tied back.
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