Graduation Ceremony 2021 – Plan (Logistic, Parking Arrangements and H&S protocol)

To all Year 7 Students, Parents and Guardians
Graduation Ceremony 2021 – Plan (Logistics, Parking Arrangements and H&S protocol)

28th June 2021

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

This communication includes important information regarding arrangements, timings and health and safety protocol for the graduation ceremony. Please read through the instructions carefully and highlight your staggered arrival times for photographs and further details. Since we need to follow a COVID-19 protocol, it is vital that every leaver and their family knows the correct time to arrive, enter and where to park accordingly.

We are grateful for the support of all the members of our community in order to hold our graduation ceremony in these challenging times. We are following all ministry recommendations and requirements for COVID-19. Everyone entering the school grounds must present a safe pass and wear a mask at all times. We ask that leavers arrive fully dressed in their formal school uniform (specifications and reminders about formal uniform given also below) and graduation cap, gown and stole. We do realise that graduation is an emotional event but ask that everyone respect social distancing protocols.

Parking Area for Students:
We kindly request that students arrive by 4:00 pm and park at the parking area behind the Science Building / Study centre.  Please be ready to show your safe pass at the entrance gate. No student will be allowed to park at Athalassa Ave. entrance due to limited space. Only parents will be allowed to park in this area.

Parking Area for Parents / Guardians and staggered arrival for photos with graduates:
We kindly request that Parents / Guardians of 7 Black, 7 Green and 7 Jade enter the school grounds through the Presidential Palace roundabout entrance and park at the Acropolis School parking area. Parents/Guardians of 7 Red, 7 Yellow and 7 White to enter the school grounds through Athalassa Avenue entrance and park in the parking of the Newham building.

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than the time for photographs.                                                                                       

Once this parking area is full, Security will divert cars to the nearby parking areas.

Please note: Cars will not be permitted to park up by the main building nor in the road to the HM’s house.
Arrival and protocol:
Students arrive at 4:00 pm at the latest, show safe pass and go straight to their designated room in the main building to register with the Form Tutor. From 4:00pm, the photographers will be ready to take individual pictures and groups of students. When all individual photographs have finished, a group photo with all the form will be taken.
Parents/ Guardians’ staggered early arrival for photos as per instructions below:
Parents of… Entrance
Meet escort team Photo time End of photo Details
7 Black Presidential P/Acropolis School Entrance C
(MB gate by Hall)
17:00 17:15 Parents/Guardians staggered arrival according to the stated time at the latest. As soon as the group of parents are gathered, an escort team will guide parents/guardians to the entrance to show safe pass, entrance seating ticket and then to the designated photo booth area to meet leavers in their form group.
Parents/guardians will enter at the times and in the order of form groups shown on the left.
After taken photographs, parents/guardians will be escorted to the Hall or to the canteen area until 7:15 pm when everyone should be seated in the ceremony area.
Refreshments will be offered before and after the ceremony.
7 Green Presidential P/Acropolis School Entrance C
(MB gate by Hall)
17:15 17:30
7 Jade Presidential P/Acropolis School Entrance C
(MB gate by Hall)
17:30 17:45
7 Red Athalassa/
Newham building
Entrance Newham building 17:45 18:00
7 White Athalassa/
Newham building
Newham building
18:00 18:15
7 Yellow Athalassa/
Newham building
18:15 18:30
Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions only the Parents/Guardians who have seating tickets (issued at the collection of gowns) can enter the school grounds for the photograph and the ceremony. A reminder that all who enter must present a safe pass (PCR, Rapid test or vaccine proof) at the entrance. The School has designated members of staff to check for safe pass according to the MoH decrees.
During the main ceremony event, all parents must take their assigned seats and remain seated for the duration of the ceremony, wearing their masks. After the end of the ceremony, you will be asked to leave the premises through the route you entered the school grounds.

In case of any emergency, you may be requested to evacuate the area through designated routes, and security will guide you through this accordingly. For any other emergency covid-19 related, the School has an emergency health protocol in place for individuals who feel unwell.
By 7:15 pm students should be in line with their form group in alphabetic order to start the graduates’ entrance and ceremony.
Return of Graduation Garment:

Graduates will return their gown, cap and stole immediately before leaving the Graduation Ceremony. They should wear the Graduation attire on arrival at school to take individual, friends and form photographs with the photographer.

The 2021 Tassel is a gift as a memorable souvenir.
There will be a return station visible next to the Newham Building Quadrangle. Members of the Student Council and some student volunteers will manage these return stations.  Leavers must return their full set and ensure they sign the Return Form. 

We would like to emphasise that this is a formal occasion and all students are expected to attend in their formal school uniform.  Leavers are required to wear under their gowns: a white school shirt with collar or a white formal collared shirt, school tie, and trousers or skirt. (girls cannot wear a skort).  All must wear black shoes. Boys should be clean-shaven. Flowers and Jewellery should not be worn on the Gown.

Details regarding Photographs and USB

There will be three photo booths close to the form rooms in the main building.
Photographers will be ready to begin taking individual photos of graduates in their full garments from 3:30 to 5 pm. Please arrive on time to avoid any potential queues. While waiting and queuing for photographs, face masks must be worn. They will be removed for the photograph only, on the instruction of the photographer.
Parents/Guardians from each form will be arriving from 5 pm at different times as per the above table. Only Parent/Guardian of the correct form will be allowed in the school ground for photos.
Family gatherings and arrangements for photos and congratulations can be organized individually at home before coming to school. No other relative apart from the two declared will be allowed to school.
Photographers will be taking pictures during the ceremony as graduates receive their Leaving Certificates.
You will be able to choose your photographs online and place your order by email or by phone.
Spyrou Lamprou 11ª
T. 22662066
Komninos Photography
Additional pictures will be taken during the ceremony and may be ordered to the photographer with an additional cost of:
  • 15x20 cm - 2 euro
  • 20x25 cm - 3 euro
Live streaming and USB:
The ceremony will be live-streamed for parents and relatives, please share the following link and a video will be edited. The school will inform students and their families as soon as the USB is ready to be picked up from the school – by results day in August if not sooner.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Graduation Ceremony.
Kind Regards,
Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis
(on behalf of the Graduation Committee)
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