Our School's Top 10 University Destinations for the period (2012-2016):

1st   University College London (UCL)
2nd  Queen Mary University London
3rd   Imperial College London
4th= University of Cambridge
4th= University of Edinburgh
6th   University of Bristol
7th   King's College London
8th   University of Surrey
9th   London School of Economics (LSE)
10th   University of Bath


Our School's Top 10 Course Destinations for the period (2012-2016):

1st    Engineering
2nd   Law                                                   
3rd    Science Related
4th    Economics
5th    Mathematics   
6th    Medicine
7th    Business/Management
8th    Accounting/Finance
9th    Architecture
10th  Other courses

University Destinations outside the UK (2012-2016):


American University Washington (2), Berklee School of Music (1), Brown (2), University of California, Berkeley (1), University of California, San Diego (2), University of California, Santa Cruz (1), University of Chicago (2), City University New York (2), Clarke University Washington (1), Clark University Massachusetts (1), F.I.T. Florida (1), Georgia Institute of Technology (1), University of Georgia (1), Gettysburgh College Penn (1), Grinnell (1), Harvard (1), Johns Hopkins (1), Lawrence University Washington (1), University of Massachusetts Amherst (2), M.I.T (3), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1), Northeastern University, Boston (2), NYU (1), Purdue (1), St Olaf (1), Suffolk University Boston (1), University of Washington (2), W.P.I. Boston (1), Webber International Florida (1), Yale (1)

Other EU/Non-EU Countries

Universite de Limoges (1)

University of Cologne (1), Freie University of Berlin (1), Language School (2)

University of Crete (1) University of Athens (1) University of Patras (1)

Semmelweis University (1)

University of Pavia (2), Luiss University (1), University of Milan (2) Sapienza University of Rome (1)

University of Amsterdam (1)

Charles University (3)

Universidad Europea de Madrid (1)

Hacettepe University (2), Marmara University (1), Koc University (1), Istanbul Tech College (1) Baskent University, Ankara (1), Near East University (1), Yildirim Beyazit University (1)


 Did you know? ..

 • In the period (2012-2016) the School has seen 43 of its students receive an offer of a place from either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford.

 • In the period (2012-2016) the School has seen 70 of its students go on to study Medicine & Dentistry*

includes UK and non-UK destinations

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