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From the very beginning of the school year, the Student Council and the class representatives
from all year groups were determined to accomplish as many of their goals as possible, in-
cluding developments in teaching and learning, enhancement of Student Voice as well as the
organisation of both charity and fun events! The school council was divided into different com-
mittees (Entertainment, Charity, Sports, Teaching and Learning) that ensured greater efficiency
but also more student involvement as they were open to non-council members as well!
The greatest achievement of this year's Student Council is believed to be the new Student Blog
( set up to act as an online platform of communication for the
students, along with a Facebook page that keeps the students updated on different events
happening at the school and all the initiatives undertaken by the council.
The Charity Committee was very successful in organizing the Monthly Food Collections and in
collaboration with the charity organization 'Wagon of Love' the English school students sup-
ported Cypriot Families in need throughout the year. The Student Council members have also
volunteered and proved to be a valuable help in the event "Together for Autism" that took
place in April 2014 in Ayios Demetrios Park.
This year's Halloween BBQ was the council's first initiative and the most creative BBQ organ-
ised at the school in years. The student representatives were in charge of building the Haunted
House that proved to be very successful and appealing to all students attending the event. The
Valentine's event and the selling of roses, having music during Friday breaks along with the a
number of bake sales and non uniform days are some of the initiatives that the Entertainment
Committee succeeded in organising this year.
The Sports Committee undertook the ambitious task of reopening the School Gym and with the
help of some P.E. Teachers they managed to renovate it and set up the rules and regulations
for its use. The School Gym is finally open, after so many years, to any student interested in
using it.
The Teaching and Learning Committee drafted a new “Bring Your Own Device to school” Pol-
icy that hopefully will be improved and established by the next Student Council!
Close meetings with the Headmaster, the Teachers, ESPA and The Board of Management
greatly increased student participation and have enhanced the Student Voice. However there
is still a long way to go! Over all it has been a very successful year for the Council as all the rep-
resentatives have worked closely together, brainstormed ideas, discussed and debated various
different issues faced by the students in an attempt to tackle the main problems as well as im-
prove our everyday school lives.
Good luck to the new Council!
A big thank you to all Student Representatives for being so committed!
report by
Iphigenia Fisentzou
Head Girl 2013 - 14
We had another successful Community Service year this year, with many of our Year Seven
students making a significant contribution to the life of the local community. Some of the in-
stitutions they worked with were:
The School for the Blind
The Home of Cooperation
‘A’ Makedonitissa Primary School
Pernera Primary School Daycare
Refugee Rights associations
Childcare centres
Children’s homes
The Fire Brigade
Makarios Hospital
Anti-Cancer Charities
Vagoni Agapis (Wagon of Love- charity )
The Cyprus Mail
..and one student helped Mr Andreas, our school gardener with real on-site community
(photo above right)
. We are always looking for organisations which would benefit
from an hour and a half of a year 7 student’s time on a Friday lunch-time. Please contact Ur-
sula Pantelides at the school if you can offer a placement to one of our students.
at The
report by
Ursula Pantelides
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