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The English
on stage
This year has seen many op-
portunities for students to ex-
press their theatrical, musical
and dramatic selves. Audi-
ences have enjoyed a wide
range of performances includ-
ing the traditional christmas
and Spring concerts, Talent
night, The English Play “char-
lie and the chocolate Factory”,
the English School Players’ re-
markable performance of
“Julius caesar” and the Senior
School Musical Medlee.
here are just a few memories
from an active year on stage.
Top right:
The Junior Choir supporting the
Blind School Spring Fair
Below right:
The English School Players’ per-
formance of “Julius Caesar”
Below centre:
Oompah Loompahs, Willy Wonka
and friends in Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory
Le :
Scenes from Hairspray, Wicked,
West Side Story and Glee in the
Musical Medlee, the Senior Musical
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