The aim of this blog is to keep students informed about recent developments in the global economy. The AL Economics course is deeply involved with current economic issues and students should remain updated as developments occur. This will enhance student performance as well as maintain a lively interest in the subject.

Another aim of the blog is to inform both students and parents-under the announcements page- of events and activities organised by both the Economics Department as well as the Economics Society. Once again, the objective is to enrich students’ experiences in the subject of Economics by getting students involved in out-of school events. Also, students and parents can be informed of ‘surgery’ dates made available by the Department which students can attend to address difficulties or queries they may have related to their study of Economics and/or Business Studies.

Our students can also use the blog to read relevant material that will enable them to complete homework assignments. AL students will also find a lot of revision material which will prove very helpful as they prepare for their external exams.

The blog is regularly updated and has drawn relevant material for AL Economics from a variety of sources but also includes own resources, prepared by the Economics Department.