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The eruption of the volcano
The volcano, I saw, was peaceful as peaceful
as peaceful as a dove, your sleep, an evening sky.
The volcano, I saw, was very old as old
as old as the mountains, the hills.
The volcano, I saw, suddenly blast,
he made a very loud trumpet blast.
The volcano, I saw, was angry as angry
as angry as a lion, a wolf.
The volcano, I saw, spread rapidly
fire out of his mouth
scorching with his fear
everything around.
The volcano, I saw, threw bombs
many bombs, catastrophic bombs,
causing havoc with his black, as black
as black as a coal smoke.
The volcano, I saw, wolfed down
the whole island
and left nothing behind
but only a scorched story.
Christia Kai, 1G
The Lava
That massive volcano, was as angry, as angry,
as angry, as angry as a bull and as wild as a tiger.
Its lava, they said, was hot, as hot, as hot, as hot,
as hot as the sun, a burning fire.
The lava was pouring as a big, big, big wave,
over the town, spreading and spreading and spreading
the disaster everywhere. It was like a raging lion,
ready to kill anything that gets in its way.
That big lava wave, left nothing in its way. It burned
everything. Building, trees, churches, schools.
It left behind just one thing. A burned, scorched town
with no signs of life in it.
Nicholas Kyriakides 1G
Tornado poem
A big tornado came to ur place
It was worse than the Second World War,
Worse than the end of the world,
Worse than my grandfather cleaning his toes.
The tornado was eating everything like
a lion eating his lunch, like a very hungry baby
with a big mouth.
That was tornado was as dangerous as you
facing your worst fear, as wild as a wild beast
chasing someone.
That tornado, they said wolfed down the small
City with the happiness and dreams of the
People, it left nothing behind except disaster.
Andreas Kallis 1G
Deadly Lava
The lava they said was hotter than an African summer
As hot as the sun
As hot as a great big fire in the forest
The lava they said was redder than cherries
As red as blood that dripped all over because of her
As red as the lips of the human who died because of her
The lava they said was wild, very wild
It killed many people
It destroyed everything in her path
The lava they said was splashing and exploding out of the volcano
It wolfed down the lot
It didn’t leave anything behind
Nothing at all
Georgia Stavrinides 1G
The Rain Storm
The day looked quiet, silent in the fields
The sky looked dark, dark as a coal
but no signs of rain, no one could pre-
dict My eyes are closing down,
closing down in peace
I ‘m thinking of the good summer days,
relaxing in the sun…
Then, suddenly I can hear it running,
running in the dark
The rain storm is coming
changing the silence, changing the calm
vassiliki Kalimera 1G
It pours slowly,very slowly
Slower than a turtle, than a snail,than a tango dance.
Cuddling the houses
With its fingers flowing through windows and doors
Spreading eveywere , wildly, wildly, wildly.
As wild as a hungry lion,as wild as the wind
That lava was hot , very hot.
Hotter than Africa's summer and hotter than a fire
Somewere the mountain smokes
And when the lava has eaten everything
The ground is full of ash.
There's nothing left except one sad story.
Aimilia vrahimi 1G
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