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Rain / Storm When the clouds are getting darker
my memories go back faster.
When the raindrops are falling down
I can see puddles on the ground.
When the clouds are getting closer
and they hit each other
the thunder-storm has just begun
like electric current starts.
When the clouds are pouring rain
all it goes through my brain
It’s like an earthquake who crosses towns
the lighting along the clouds.
Ioanna Anayiotou 1G
The rain was really pouring rain,
I could hear it from the other site of the world
It was too loud as my dog’s yap.
The rain was cold as cold as snow or mountains
The rain was angry ,very angry
It was also sad as someone was crying.
But I don’t know why?
That rain was really heavy
The capital of the city flooded and
The rain destroyed the lovely little homes and trees.
That rain was dangerous as dangerous as lion
Angeliki Allamenou 1G
The Rain
I can see the rain sparkling in the evening
It is shinning like tiny crystals
It looks to me like a ballet dancer
dancing with the tufted trees
I can feel the rain on my body
It is nourishing my skin in a great way
It makes me feel alive
as it makes my clothes wet
I can smell the rain as it touches the ground
It is watering the thirsty land
It is leaving me with the smell of green valley
and a lot of memories in my heart
I can hear the rain tapping on the window
It makes me remember a lot of good times
Family moments around the fire
Sleepy moments in my warm bed
Marios Falekos 1G
Dancing With the Pouring Rain
Heavy clouds filled up with anger,
Spread over our heads like a black curtain.
They breathe rage that turns into storm,
Wild as a monster, roaring and sparkling.
Large rain drops start falling down slowly,
But in a minute turn into pouring rain.
The rain is growing and growling,
Like a waterfall – it will never stop.
Dancing with what presents,
Really dancing with what presents.
Every moment of every day,
Finding a way to love it all, no matter
Ismeni Cheimona 1G
The tornado they said was hungry as hungry as hungry
As a wolf, hungry wolf
That tornado they said was running , running in the streets collecting
houses , cars people everything in its way that disturbed it
That tornado they said was twirling
wilder than a whirligig or people dancing the flamenco dance
That tornado they said was never tired it continued for one day non stop
That tornado they said was angry as angry as angry
As a wolf , your parents , your teachers
Everyone was running up and down like crazy
No one tried to stop it
Michalis Colocassides 1G
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