Year 1 Students Shine in Festive Performance at School’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

28 Dec. 2023

Year 1 Students Shine
Year 1 Students Shine
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As the festive season sweeps over the community, a heartwarming event unfolded on the evening of December 11th. Our Year 1 students, adorned in holiday cheer, took center stage at the annual Lighting of the School's Christmas Trees. Their voices, filled with joy and excitement, echoed through the schoolyard, adding a musical depth to the holiday spirit.

The event began just as the sky turned a deep shade of twilight. Families and faculty gathered, their breath visible in the chilly air, eyes gleaming with anticipation. The stage was set near the main school building, where two majestic Christmas trees stood tall, unlit but soon to be a beacon of holiday light.

As the students took their places, the crowd hushed. Dressed in festive reds and greens, with handmade ornaments dangling from their outfits, the children looked every bit the part of holiday messengers.

With the first notes of a classic Christmas carol, the air filled with the pure, jubilant voices of our Year 1 students. They sang a medley of holiday favorites, each song seamlessly flowing into the next. Their voices, clear and confident, resonated with the joy and innocence that only children possess.

Parents watched with pride-filled eyes, some humming along, others capturing the moment on their phones. The highlight of the evening was a particularly touching rendition of "Silent Night," which saw the entire crowd joining in, creating a chorus that seemed to embrace the whole school.

As the final notes lingered in the air, the countdown for the tree lighting began. With a collective breath, the switch was flipped, and the trees burst into a kaleidoscope of colours. The students’ faces lit up, reflecting the twinkling lights, a perfect culmination of their performance.

The evening was more than just a showcase of talent; it was a reminder of the magic and unity that the holiday season brings. Our Year 1 students entertained and brought together the community in a shared experience of joy and celebration. As the night ended, the sentiment was unanimous: this was a holiday event to remember, a perfect start to the festive season.

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