A gift from the heart

19 May 2017

A gift from the heart
A gift from the heart
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3 White replaced Ms. Crambert’s stolen bicycle as an end-of-year thank you gift.

Ms. Vanessa Crambert is a French Teacher and is known for her ecological ways.  She always rides to school on a bike.
Unfortunately her bicycle was stolen and her class found out about it.   So students of 3W all pitched in and bought her a new one and gave it to her as an end-of-year thank you gift for the love and care she has shown them this year.
Ms. Crambert wants to thank Semeli, Maritina, Katerina, Iordanis, Antreas, Kyriakos, Giorgos, Alexios, Mikaella, Marilia, Pantelis, Antria, Christoforos, Chris, Konstantinos, Dimitris, Emily, Marios, Nicolas, Andreas, Vasilis, Alexandros Taliotis, Alexandros Varnavides, Lara and Andrea Frangesca for this wonderful thoughtful gesture - this gift from the heart!


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