Year 1 Anti-Bullying Initiatives

29 Nov. 2022

Anti-Bullying week
Anti-Bullying week
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A clear and effective bullying prevention strategy can help to reduce the chances of children experiencing bullying at school or in any other setting. 

November is Anti-bullying month at our school and in Year 1 we focused on the following prevention strategies: 

  • Assembly on the theme ‘Reach out’ – This year’s theme is geared towards promoting a respectful ethos and treating each other with kindness. 
  • Assembly on understanding the definition of bullying, the impact on children, and the roles involved – we spoke about the negative effects it can have on one’s mental health and the roles we each play, or could play, in bullying (bully, target, assistant, reinforcer, defender, and bystander). 
  • Odd Socks Day – Often children are bullied due to perceived differences, because they ‘stand out’ more than other children. While coming to school wearing our odd socks, we celebrated what makes us all unique to help prevent this happening! 
  • Motivational quotes - Our students researched motivational quotes relating to bullying, remembering the theme ‘Reach Out’. Then, they chose one that means the most to them and created posters displayed at Lloyd’s building. 
  • Thank you cards – finally, we created thank you cards for peers, teachers and family members to show our gratitude to all those who made a big difference to our day with one small, kind action. 

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