April 2017, Global Astronomy Month at The English School

17 May 2017

The Global Astronomy Month
The Global Astronomy Month
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Over 100 students participated in activities and events organised for the Global Astronomy Month during April by The English School Astronomy Club. 

Students welcomed the chance to expand their horizons by expressing and exploring their place in the universe through Art, Poetry, Science, Maths, ICT, Trips and Community Service.
Global Astronomy Month is a worldwide event orgnaized by "Astronomers Without Borders", whose moto is "One People + One Sky".

The English School Astronomy Club is honoured to be an Affiliate Member of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) and we are fully supported by the National Coordinator of AWB, Mr George Troullias, Director of Kition Planetarium and Observatory.
Here are some of the highlights:

  • We started the month by making a trip to Kition Planetarium and Observatory where we listened to a lecture on  Global Astronomy Month by Mr Troullias, then to a presentation on astronomical highlights in April by our teacher, Katie Demetriou .  We shared our trip and thoughts to the world community by linking live to the AWB facebook site.  
  • Astropoetry and Astroart took place throughout the month.  Cleopatra Pierides wrote an amazing poem about an astronaut, Varvara Loi, Miriam Andreou, Nikolaos Atalanis, Emily, Evgenia Zembyla and created novel astroart  and all pieces of work has been entered into the global  competition.
  • Hrachya Zakarian, Christos Falas and Andreas Nikolaou participated in a month long asteroid hunt competition where they performed university level scientific research.  The fruits of their research will be published shortly
  • Club members gave up their precious time and enriched and educated local children by using our telescopes to look at the moon and Jupiter. The sidewalk astronomy event at Pernera Preschool was a great success, and also attended by the National Coordinator,  Mr Troullias, who gave a lovely presentation to the pre-schoolers.
  • We also had an adventurous, fun, Star Camp at Amiandos.  Skies were clear and we relaxed, observed galaxies, nebulae, planets and stars, all accompanied by lots of pizza. It was the first time that some members of the club had been camping, and they loved it. Valid Lyrid meteor shower observations also took place and club members are at the stage where they are able to record their results on global databases and contribute to actual science.

The English School Astronomy Club would like to thank all its members for their support, time and dedication, the teachers in the English and Art Departments that helped with the art projects and Mr Troullias, GAM National coordinator for his advice and support.

Enjoy the photos. 

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