Further Equestrian success for our students!

10 May 2022

Best Junior National Equestrian Athletes
Best Junior National Equestrian Athletes
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We are proud to announce that English School students, Eleni Polyviou of 4W and Petros Georgiou of 2W have been recognised by the Cyprus Olympic Committee as the Top Junior National Equestrian Athletes for the year 2021!

Here is what Petros said about the Best Juniors Athlete event. 

“ It is a great honour for me that the Cyprus Equestrian Federation chose me as the best junior athlete of the year, and I hope to have the same impressive performances this year.”

And For the Cyprus Champion 2022 title.
“ For me, it was a challenging year with hard training and preparation for the competitions in Cyprus and abroad. Our efforts with my horse Condor 10 were rewarded, and so we won the title of Champion of Cyprus (category A). 

Many congratulations to both!

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