The English School U15 Girls Football Team Thriving in the Cyprus Championship

24 Jan. 2024

The English School U15 Girls Football Team Thriving in the Cyprus Championship
The English School U15 Girls Football Team Thriving in the Cyprus Championship
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Mid-season Update: Determination, Grit, and Exceptional Performances
As the Cyprus Football Association U15 Championship season approaches its halfway mark, the English School Girls U15 football team finds an impressive 7th position in the league table. With strong performances, unyielding determination, and a growing sense of unity, our young athletes have showcased their potential and set their sights on climbing even higher in the standings.

A Promising Start to the New Year
The team kicked off the new year with a compelling performance that culminated in a 1-1 draw against Digenis Morphou. The girls fought valiantly, with the majority of the match characterized by relentless pressure. In the final minutes, they came tantalizingly close to securing all three points, hitting the post in a heart-stopping moment.

In their second match of the year, our team faced Geroskipou FC in Paphos. After a goalless first half, Kyveli Matsi stepped up with a fantastic finish in the second half, securing a 1-0 victory and three crucial points. The victory was a testament to their unyielding spirit, as they continually pushed Geroskipou back throughout the match, creating numerous attacking opportunities. Their intensity and desire finally paid off in the 64th minute, just six minutes before the final whistle.

A Season of Positive Progress
The journey thus far has been marked by substantial growth and improving performance levels each week. The team has been adapting to new systems and styles of play, with each player settling into their respective roles and responsibilities.
Notably, they have demonstrated their ability to compete with some of the Championship's leading sides, including Apoel, Olympiakos Asprakis, and Omonoia. These strong showings have underscored the team's potential to excel in the division.

Meet Our Remarkable Team Members
Our U15 Girls Football Team is a diverse and talented group, each member contributing to the team's success:

  • Irene Yianna
  • Anna Maria Hatjantona
  • Anna Maria Menelaou
  • Antrea Iacovou
  • Marielena Neophytou
  • Gavriella Popi Koumenidis
  • Victoria Georgopoulou
  • Emily Nicolaou
  • Maria Leandrou
  • Nayia Stephanou
  • Alessandra Coll Gabrielides
  • Eleni Solomou
  • Stella Anastasi
  • Ioanna Anthouli
  • Ioannou Ioanna
  • Melisa Uchaner
  • Maria Christodoulou
  • Andrea Gavriel

Looking Ahead
As the season progresses, our U15 Girls Football Team remains focused and determined. With their impressive performance and hard work thus far, they aim to break into the top six in the second half of the season. We have every reason to believe they will continue to shine, pushing the boundaries of their potential.

We invite all our supporters to join us on this exciting journey and cheer for our talented athletes. Stay tuned for more updates and victories from our remarkable U15 Girls Football Team!

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