IE University's Visit to Cyprus: Exploring the Science of Peak Performance

31 May 2023

IE University's Visit to Cyprus: Exploring the Science of Peak Performance
IE University's Visit to Cyprus: Exploring the Science of Peak Performance
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On 25th May, IE University provided a remarkable opportunity for the ES community to interact with its representatives and gain insights into undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Alba Conde Colmenarejo visited our school and was guided by Mrs Chryso Constantinou, our Spanish teacher. 

Ms Colmenarejo had the opportunity to meet the Head of the Modern Languages Department, Ms Crambert, its Line Manager, Ms Popi Grouta and the Careers officer, Ms Natasa Ashiotis. Ms Colmenarejo had several appointments with parents and students who expressed their interest in the university, and she informed them about courses, procedures, requirements etc. 

The presentation on IE University, an international institution with campuses in Madrid and Segovia, Spain, left a lasting impression on parents and students. During the captivating presentation, Mr Andrea Coppola- IE Regional Director of Italy and Southeast Europe, introduced Professor Mario Berta, an esteemed entrepreneur who talked about "The Science of Peak Performance: Become the Best at What You Do" to the audience. 

According to Professor Berta, achieving personal peak performance relies on four essential pillars: mindset, nutrition, exercise, and recovery. He stressed that cultivating a growth mindset is crucial for improvement, as a fixed mindset can hinder progress by keeping individuals within their comfort zones. Additionally, periodization—a practice involving planned periods of rest and preparation—is essential to optimize performance when it matters most.

The pursuit of excellence requires several key skills, as Professor Berta outlined. The fundamental steps are selecting the right individuals, empowering them to connect, and creating the best working environment with optimal conditions. Furthermore, consistently providing challenging tasks and refusing to settle for comfort zones fosters continuous improvement. Lastly, a culture of self-perpetuating excellence can be nurtured by acknowledging and recognizing achievements.

As a valuable takeaway, Professor Berta recommended four books to explore further the concepts discussed: "Mindset" by Carol Dweck, "Peak Performance" by Steve Magness, "Winning" by Tim S. Grover, and "The Rise of Superman" by Steven Kotler.

Excitingly, the school plans to stay connected with IE University and aims to bring them back to campus next year. This will allow more students and parents to learn about the university's programs and offerings.

In conclusion, IE University's visit to Cyprus proved to be an enlightening experience, offering valuable insights into the science of peak performance. Students and parents were captivated by Professor Mario Berta's presentation, which underscored the importance of mindset, nutrition, exercise, and recovery. The event began a potential collaboration between the English School and IE University, opening doors for future opportunities and continued academic and personal growth.


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