Successful participation in the iGeo National Competition

07 Apr. 2022

Photo of the the three students joining the Cyprus team to International Competition (right to left)
Photo of the the three students joining the Cyprus team to International Competition (right to left)
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The International Geography Olympiad (iGEO) is an annual competition for 16  to 19-year-old Geography students worldwide.

Students who have chosen to represent their countries are some of the best, selected from thousands of students who participate enthusiastically in their own National Geography Olympiads.  The iGEO competition tests every participant's ability in spatial patterns and processes.  The iGEO consists of a written test, a multimedia test, and a substantial fieldwork exercise requiring observation, leading to cartographic representation and geographical analysis.  The programme also includes team poster presentations, cultural exchanges, and time for students to know their fellow students and explore the host city.


We are delighted to announce that after a two-year break due to COVID, the competition commenced on Saturday, 19th March.  Six of our Year 7 students registered and participated in a three and a half hour exam organised by the Cyprus Geographical association at the University of Cyprus.


The top four performing students compete at the International Geography Olympiad, which is planned this year to happen in Paris, France.  We hope that COVID-19 will not restrict visitors from physically visiting Paris to compete.  If restrictions continue, then the competition will be held online.


Our students' results:

2nd place:  Andreas Marcou

3rd place:  Eleni Anayiotou

4th place:  Aristotelis Lordos

6th place:  Stylianos Solomonides


Hopefully, Andreas, Eleni and Aristotelis will participate with the Cyprus team in Paris, France.


Well done to our students!  As always, you make us very proud!

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