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06 May 2022

JA 2022 Zest-O
JA 2022 Zest-O
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We are very proud of our Junior Achievement Team, Zest-O, who managed to rank in the first 10 finalists. 

Zest-O will be competing tonight, Friday  6th of May 2021 at 17:00 at Royal Hall, Nicosia, for the Company of the Year Award and the opportunity to represent Cyprus in the European Entrepreneurship Competition which will take place in Estonia on July 12-14th. 
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team for their hard work and enthusiasm in turning an ambitious and innovative idea into reality.

Zest-O used peels from citrus fruits to extract D-limonene, a flammable substance that was used to make environmentally friendly fire starters with a zesty aroma. 
Team members are:
  • Lorena Stasopoulou, CEO
  • Eleni Liveri, Production Manager 
  • Marilena Papazacharia, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Tsolaki,Social Media Director
  • Veronica Hadjiyianni, Marketing Manager
  • Eleni Pagla, Finance Director
  • Maria Lambrinou, Sales Director
Many thanks to their teachers and mentors involved:
  • Ms Anna Tellalis
  • Dr Maria Leigh
  • Elena Michael, Business Coach
  • Nicolas Pitjiolis, Business Mentor

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