Junior Boys Basketball Team Clinches 3rd Place in Nicosia Competition

30 Mar. 2024

Junior Boys Basketball Team Clinches 3rd Place in Nicosia Competition
Junior Boys Basketball Team Clinches 3rd Place in Nicosia Competition
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Celebrating Teamwork and Resilience: A Stellar Performance
In a display of remarkable skill and unyielding team spirit, our Junior Boys Basketball Team has proudly secured the 3rd position in the competitive arena of the Nicosia Junior Boys Basketball Competition. This commendable achievement underscores the hard work, dedication, and passion each team member and coach has invested in the sport.

The Journey to Victory
The path to this notable accomplishment was filled with moments of intense competition, thrilling victories, and learning experiences. In the final stretch of the tournament, our team faced off against the Grammar Sports School, enduring a challenging match that ended with a score of 37-57. Despite this setback, our boys showcased resilience and determination.

A highlight of their journey was the impressive victory against Gymnasium Makedonitissas, where our team triumphed with a score of 57-42, demonstrating their offensive and defensive prowess on the court. Another notable moment was the heart-stopping match against Gymnasium Engkomis Sports School on March 12th, which extended into extra time and concluded with a narrow score of 37-41.

Honouring Our Heroes
The success of our Junior Boys Basketball Team is a testament to the spirit and talent of its members:

  • Anthony Georgallis
  • Alexandros Raffi Parrikian
  • Christian Leon Poullikas
  • Savva Savvas
  • Sotiris Hadjikyriacou
  • Savvas Heraclides
  • Andreas Kramvis
  • Theodosis Nikolaides
  • Timothee Alkis Serrurie
  • Pavlos Zachariadis
  • Houseyin Hakseven
  • Christian Yiallouros
  • Markos Loisides
  • Mikhail Kiselev
  • Andreas Evangelou
  • Andreas Constantinides
Guided by the expertise and dedication of coaches Andy Ioannou and Andreas Sizopoulos, the team has not only achieved a prestigious rank but also fostered values of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship among its members.

Looking Forward
As we celebrate this momentous achievement, we also look to the future with excitement and optimism. The experiences gained and the lessons learned through this competition will undoubtedly serve our team well in their ongoing journey in sports and life.

We invite the entire school community to join us in congratulating our Junior Boys Basketball Team and their coaches for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance. Here's to many more victories and achievements in the future!

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