The English School Tradition Continues in Officer Cadet Examinations

25 Jul. 2017

The English School
The English School
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On 18 July, the Ministry of Defence announced this year's examination results for its selection of 100 officer cadets and 200 corporals for the National Guard. 

The exams were prepared by the University of Cyprus and 462 soldier candidates sat the Greek Language and IQ papers. 
With an overwhelming success, 17 out of the 100 officer cadet positions were taken by this year's ESL 2017 boys, with 4 of them in the top 10! Congratulations to our English School boys for their selection as officer cadets as well as corporals!
It is worth noting that last year's exams saw 13 of our ESL 2016 boys being selected out of the 70 places available. 

In both instances the highest success rate compared to any other school on the island.

Kudos to our Greek Language teachers for keeping Greek Language at such a high level and a very special thank you to Mr. Polyzogopoulos for his invaluable help with providing the boys guidance with dedicated lessons after school.

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