Pancyprian Glory: Senior Boys & Girls Achieve Athletic Excellence

07 Apr. 2024

Senior Boys & Girls Achieve Athletic Excellence
Senior Boys & Girls Achieve Athletic Excellence
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Celebrating Athletic Prowess at the G.S.P. Stadium
In an exhilarating display of athleticism and team spirit, our Senior Boys and Girls teams took to the G.S.P. Stadium on April 3rd, 2024, to compete in the esteemed Pancyprian Boys & Girls Athletics Competition. The event brought together the finest young athletes from across the country, setting the stage for a showcase of talent, determination, and sportsmanship.

Stellar Performances Across the Board
Our teams didn't just participate; they excelled, marking their presence with every sprint, leap, and throw. The competition was fierce, but our students rose to the challenge, securing impressive positions and personal bests.

Senior Girls 400m
The crowd was left in awe as Andrea Ioanna Georgiou blazed through the track, securing a phenomenal 2nd-place finish in the Senior Girls 400m. Her performance was not just a race but a narrative of perseverance.

Senior Boys 200m
Speed and strategy were the game's name as Evangelos Petasis demonstrated his athletic prowess, clinching 2nd place in the Senior Boys 200m. His dash to the finish line was a thrilling moment of triumph.

Field Events: A Testimony of Strength and Skill
In the field events, Giorgos Agapiou earned a commendable third place in the Senior Boys Hammer throw, while Georgios Vasilopoulos matched the feat in the High Jump. Both athletes showcased the results of rigorous training and sheer willpower.

Senior Girls Triple Jump & 4x100m Relay
Not to be outdone, Myra Ioannou leapt to a respectable 5th place in the Triple Jump. The synergy and coordination were on full display as the Girls' 4x100m Relay team, consisting of Chrysanthi Rokopou, Sofia Lydia Nathanael, Mariza Zembyla, and Myra Ioannou, raced to a solid 5th place finish, demonstrating that teamwork indeed makes the dream work.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Inspiration
As we look back on the day's events, we're reminded that the true victory lies not in the medals and positions but in the spirit of our students, who embody our institution's values: excellence, camaraderie, and resilience.

We congratulate all participants for their outstanding achievements and thank our coaches, staff, and supporters who cheered on every step. These are the moments that define us, the experiences that inspire future generations, and the milestones that we will look back on with pride.


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