Year 2 Educational Trip to Riverland Bio Farm

18 May 2017

Year 2 Educational Trip - Riverland
Year 2 Educational Trip - Riverland
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On Friday, 12th May 2017 our Year 2 students enjoyed a wonderful day out in the nature at the Riverland Bio Farm. 

Learning to balance study time and relaxation, on Friday, 12th May 2017 our Year 2 went on Educational trip to the Riverland Bio Farm.  

The Riverland Bio Farm was established in 2004, is the first of its kind in Cyprus to breed, using organic feeds and practices, sheep and goats for producing certified organic milk based products. The farm is based at Kambia village and its organic pastureland occupies an approved area of more than 25 hectares around the main farm.

Our students came close to nature and apparently enjoyed every minute of it!  The activities on the farm included: collection of eggs, milking cows, learning how bees produce honey, visiting the Green House and having a Bio homemade breakfast at the cafeteria. 
As you can see below all the fun, the students had!

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