Our School Celebrates Chinese Culture and New Year!

09 Feb. 2024

Our School Celebrates Chinese Culture and New Year!
Our School Celebrates Chinese Culture and New Year!
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On February 7th, our school had the pleasure of hosting a captivating visit from the Confucius Institute at UCY. The event aimed to bring Chinese culture to life, offering our students presentations and performances to celebrate traditions and the approaching Lunar New Year.

During the visit, our Year 6 students delved into the art of the Chinese tea ceremony, gaining insight into its significance and experiencing it firsthand. Meanwhile, our Year 1 students were enthralled by a presentation on the Chinese New Year and its vibrant customs.

The day was further enhanced by musical performances from our talented students. A trio consisting of Peiqi Song on piano, XiTong Peng on violin, and YouYou Tian on cello delighted us with their rendition of the traditional song ‘Chrysanthemum Terrace’ 菊花台. This was followed by a performance of "Mo Li Hua," showcasing the beauty of pentatonic music—an area Year 1 students have been exploring in their music lessons. Our heartfelt thanks to all the performers: Yixuan Xie, Jia Lu Che, Theodora Papaioannou (flute), Georgios Giannopoulos (clarinet), Xinyi Chen (violin), Harry Kallis (French horn), YouYou Tian (cello), and Peiqi Song (piano).

This enriching experience brought Chinese culture closer to our students, fostering understanding and appreciation. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Confucius Institute for making this special day possible. Happy Year of the Dragon! 祝您龙年快乐!

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