Exceptional Victory for Our Senior Boys Basketball Team!

23 Nov. 2023

Senior Boys Basketball Team
Senior Boys Basketball Team
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We are thrilled to share an outstanding achievement by our Senior Boys Basketball Team. On November 21st, our team emerged victorious in a thrilling game against Dasoupoleos Lyceum, securing a commanding 67-34 victory. 

This impressive win showcased their skill and determination and propelled them to the top 8 in the highly competitive Nicosia Senior Boys Basketball Competition.

A Triumph of Teamwork and Dedication
The victory against Dasoupoleos Lyceum is a testament to our talented team members' hard work, teamwork, and dedication. Their exceptional performance on the court demonstrated their commitment to excellence and their unwavering spirit as athletes.

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following team members for their stellar contributions:

  • Gorman Zharko Ted
  • Constantinou Glafkos
  • Mannaris Dimitris
  • Marnelos Giorgos
  • Rossos Stavros
  • Milios Michalis
  • Zodiatis Louis
  • Savashaskan Aziz Fuat
  • Zodiatis Akari Altay
  • Milinkovic Savvas
  • Sofianos Orestis
  • Veletinas Alexandros
  • Herodotou Orestis
  • Giannakou Ioannis
  • Heraklides Nicolas

Guiding the Path to Victory
Behind every successful team, there are dedicated coaches who provide guidance and inspiration. We want to express our appreciation to our esteemed coaches:
  • Andy Ioannou
  • Andreas Sizopoulos
  • Michalis Arvanitis
Their expertise and mentorship have been instrumental in shaping our team's skills and strategies, leading them to this remarkable achievement.

Once again, congratulations to our Senior Boys Basketball Team for their outstanding win. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to their continued success in the Nicosia Senior Boys Basketball Competition. Go team! 

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