Staff Training organized by the Pastoral Team

06 Sept. 2017

Staff Training
Staff Training
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Dr. Eleni Karayianni delivered to all staff a very interesting lecture on Sexual Harassment in the School System on the 4th September 2017.

Dr Eleni Karayianni, clinical Psychologist ,clinical training coordinator and member of the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus, was invited by the Pastoral Team  to deliver a presentation with  a Q and A session to The English School staff on 4th September 2017.

The title of the training session  was sexual harassment in the school system.  This was a continuation of our cooperation with Dr Karayianni which had started last year with some staff training and then an evening for parents on the topic of child abuse.

The Pastoral Team are  now planning  some workshops for students on the topics of sexual harassment. 


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