Congratulations to Stylianos Vasiliades Y5 for his outstanding performance at the Pancyprian Senior Schools Gymnastics Competition!

29 Mar. 2024

Stylianos Vasiliades Y5
Stylianos Vasiliades Y5
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Stylianos Vasiliades, a student in Year 5, made us very proud through his remarkable performance at the recent Pancyprian Senior Schools Gymnastics Competition. 

With unwavering dedication and exceptional talent, Stylianos showcased his prowess on the gymnastics floor, earning accolades and recognition for his outstanding achievements.

Stylianos' performance at the competition was nothing short of extraordinary. Among his notable accomplishments are:

  • Securing the 3rd place in the all-around senior final is a testament to his well-rounded skills and mastery of various gymnastics disciplines.
  • Impressive 2nd place finish in the Horizontal Bar event, demonstrating his strength, agility, and precision.
  • Remarkable 3rd-place rankings in both the Still Rings and Parallel Bars categories, showcasing his versatility and proficiency across different apparatuses.
The entire school community swelled with pride and admiration for his remarkable achievements as Stylianos stood on the podium, adorned with medals of honour. His dedication, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of excellence have set a shining example for his peers and inspired us all.

We congratulate Stylianos Vasiliades for his outstanding performance at the Pancyprian Senior Schools Gymnastics Competition. His success is a testament to the importance of hard work, determination, and passion in achieving one's dreams. We are immensely proud of Stylianos and look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success in the world of gymnastics and beyond.

Stylianos Vasiliades' stellar performance at the Pancyprian Senior Schools Gymnastics Competition has brought honour and acclaim to our school. His achievements serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for our entire school community, reaffirming our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in all endeavours. Congratulations, Stylianos, on your well-deserved success!


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