Year 1 Educational Trip to Larnaca

08 Mar. 2018

Year 1 Educational Trip to Larnaca
Year 1 Educational Trip to Larnaca
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One of our targets in Pastoral is to raise students’ awareness of the importance of intercultural dialogue and to strengthen their respect for diversity.  

Our young students in Year 1 have already done some relevant project work on Respect, Friendship and Cyber Bullying; they have had class discussions during Form Tutor time or during other lessons/activities on the topics.
On Wednesday, 7th March the Pastoral Team organised for our Year 1 students a visit to two religious sites in Larnaca. They visited St Lazarus Church, Hala Sultan Tekke and then did activities on the beach at Makenzie.
This is yet, another team building activity for staff and students and a great opportunity for all of us to help our children appreciate the importance of respecting diversity by raising awareness of cultural heritage.
It was also a way to help students relax and have fun!
It is important to also state that our students were given achievement points for their good behaviour and their team spirit.  The personnel at the religious sites and at the restaurant at the beach praised them and congratulated them for the excellent manners and the respect they showed.

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