Year 3 assembly

28 Nov. 2022

Year 3 assembly
Year 3 assembly
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Julien Mevel, a swimmer and businessman from France, who is an advocate for environmental & humanitarian issues, decided to challenge himself for a great cause.

Julien swam a total of 280 km in the span of 28 days, starting from Pomos Municipal Beach and ending at Finikoudes Beach in Larnaca. 
Julien is fundraising for Generation for Change CY. This non-profit organization strives for a diverse and inclusive society where everyone has access to opportunities. The organisation focuses on supporting and developing vulnerable groups. The humanitarian aid programmes provide food, clothing, hygiene essentials and kitchen utensils to support people living under difficult circumstances i.e., people at risk of poverty, single parents, large families, and refugees. 
We were honoured to have Julien speak to our Year 3 students today. He truly inspired them with his story. 


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