Year 1 Greek Creative Writing Workshops

19 Apr. 2017

Creative writing workshop
Creative writing workshop
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The Greek Department has organized for the second consecutive year a Creative Writing workshop for Year 1 students both Native and Non-Native speakers. 


Ms. Skevi Tsiakka visited our school on the 6th and 7th April and she conducted a workshop on Fairy-tales.  The workshops were related to Homer's "Odyssey" as well as to the teaching of Literature. 
Our students had the opportunity to explore their creativity through a variety of tasks, that prompted our students to work with each other in a very productive and creative atmosphere.

Creative writing is part of our Year 1 syllabus and it has been incorporated in all topics which are included in the Greek syllabi.

We would like to thank Ms. Tsiakka for her positive input and energy, as well as our students for being so cooperative and creative.

Well-done!  We are looking forward to reading some of our student's stories. 



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