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Today We Walk, Always We Remember
Annual Walk in memory of our beloved George and Dina Hadgigeorgiou
ECO School meets with politicians to discuss environmentally sustainable issues.
On the 10th of May, Niki Aristidou, an English School ECO School Club ambassador, met with politicians to discuss climate change.
Further Equestrian success for our students!
We are proud to announce that English School students, Eleni Polyviou of 4W and Petros Georgiou of 2W have been recognised by the Cyprus Olympic Committee as the Top Junior National Equestrian Athletes for the year 2021!
Fill Sophia with Love for the children of Ukraine
On Friday 15th April, students at The English School swapped their uniform for their own clothes for the day to raise money for the children of Ukraine.
Pancyprian Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad Success
We are pleased to announce the success of our students in this year’s Pancyprian Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad lyceum level. 
News from our Junior Achievement Cyprus Club
We are very proud of our Junior Achievement Team, Zest-O, who managed to rank in the first 10 finalists. 
Radio Club News
We were delighted to have Mr Philipp Springer DK6SP as our guest of honour at the radio club shack on April 13th
Pancyprian Scyence Fair 2022
Our Astronomy Club and Biology Club students showcased their science based projects to Cyprus during the Pancyprian "Scyence Fair 2022" which took place on Friday 15th April.
News from our Erasmus plus team
The Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe.  We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting students from Italy and Poland this week.
The English School Senior Boys Futsal Tournament
Following the relaxation of some of the Covid-19 protocols that addressed the provision of competitive sporting events, the PE Department organised a Futsal Tournament for Senior Boys.  
Pancyprian Schools Athletics Competition
Our Junior Boys and Girls Schools Athletics Teams took part in the Pancyprian Competition which took place in Limassol on 12th April 2022.
The English School Junior Boys and Girls Tennis Tournament
The Junior Boys and Girls Tennis Tournament took place in April 2022, following a year of the operation of the Junior Tennis Club on Mondays.  
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