Activities Listing

Acts of Kindness 2021
In what has now become a tradition at the school, December 2021 was a hugely successful Acts of Kindness month. Each form, year group, and activity were tasked with kindness, no matter how big or small, at home or far away. 
Debate on the future of Europe
Three of our students (Maria Thanassa, Lara Wilks and Anna Petrides) have been selected to debate on the future of Europe with French and Cypriot politicians.
The English School Poetry Project
The ES Poetry Project was delighted to receive the acclaimed poets Lisa Suhair Majaj, Nora Nadjarian, Athena Temvriou and Christos Tsiailis on Tuesday, February 15. 
Extra-Curricular Activities continue...
School is the place to be in the afternoon, to sing, play, create, build, debate, and follow your passion, whatever it may be.
Lunar New Year
新年快! Xīnnián kuàilè! 
Happy New Year! 
Discovering La Reunion island with our French assistant
Last month, Ms Lucille Grid introduced the French island La Reunion to her year 2 students.
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