The 10th National Session of EYP Cyprus

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From 24/08/2016, 00:00:00 To 27/08/2016, 00:00:00
UCLAN University
4-day event took place between 24th-27th of August under the theme “Solidarity, Equality, Unity: Shaping Europe as one”. 

During this four-day event, delelegates reflected on the current socio-economic and political challenges faced by the European Union, including the aftermath of the economic crisis, which still torments a number of Member States, the unsettling wave of secessionist movements to the enormous influx of asylum seekers which daily challenge the idea of a Union itself.

One of our students: Aris Messios 6G writes:

4 days. 9 hours of sleep in total. Countless hours spent on writing, defending and attacking resolutions. From Thursday the 24th until Saturday 27th August 2016, a delegation of 6 carefully selected students from our school attended the 10th National Session of EYP (European Youth Parliament) Cyprus at UCLAN university. Anna Economou, Despina Demetriadou, Dilara Semiler, Loucas Charidemou, Marina Lenoidou and myself, accompanied by Mrs. Virginia Rengel-Kefala had the opportunity to live the EYP experience and we will remember this throughout our lives.
Throughout the session, in our different committees, we participated in a series of teambuilding exercises, discussions until we finally, after an array of panic attacks and mental breakdowns, managed to each write a resolution on topics each committee was given. On the final day, we had the General Assembly which was a day full of fruitful debates. Despite being sleep deprived and basically living on caffeine, all of us enjoyed ourselves and learnt things that one could only learn in a session of EYP.  

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