Inter-School Swimming Event

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From 21/10/2016, 00:00:00 To 21/10/2016, 00:00:00
Grammar School
On the 21st October 2016 our students went to the Grammar School for the Inter-School Swimming event.

Our students swam very well and won 10 medals.

Congratulations to everyone!
                                 BOYS RESULTS
Charalambos Maos 50m Breaststroke 2nd Place 37".28
Charalambos Maos 100m Medley 2nd Place 1'.12".50
Andreas Aristidou 50m Freestyle 3rd Place 28".62
Andreas Aristidou 50m Butterfly 3rd Place 31".10
Omiros Christou 50m Freestyle    
Christos Savva 50m Backstroke    
Pavlos Prodromitis 50m Backstroke    
Nicolas Kallis 50m Butterfly    
Omiros Christou 100m Medley    
Charalambos Maos 4x50m Freestyle Relay 3rd Place 2'.02".53
Pavlos Prodromitis 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
Christos Savva 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
Andreas Aristidou 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
                                           GIRLS RESULTS
Frangeska Yiangou 50m Freestyle 3rd Place 31".38
Alina Koutsokoumnis 50m Breaststroke 3rd Place 42".22
Frangeska Yiangou 50m Butterfly 2nd Place 37".06
Alina Koutsokoumnis 100m Medley 3rd Place 1'.27".81
Thalia Petrou 50m Freestyle    
Thalia Petrou 50m Backstroke    
Varvara Lois 50m Butterfly    
Thalia Petrou 4x50m Freestyle Relay 3rd Place 2'.39".34
Alina Koutsokoumnis 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
Varvara Lois 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
Frangeska Yiangou 4x50m Freestyle Relay    
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