Lower School Anti-Bullying initiative November 2023

12 Dec. 2023

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The November Anti-bullying month has ended, and with this opportunity, we would like to share with you the amazing initiatives in which our Lower School students have taken part.  

We kicked off Anti-bullying month with Odd Socks Day on Monday, 13 November. Students in Years 1, 2, and 3 (and some of their teachers!) came to school in odd socks to celebrate what makes us unique.  
We took photos around campus and 'made a noise' to stop bullying!  
The students participated in Anti-bullying assemblies, led by Ms Ignatiou, Heads of Year, and Student Leaders. Students learned about the various types of bullying and the roles involved. They were encouraged to be defenders and stand up for what is right.  
Students were reminded of how to report bullying:  

  • tell a trusted adult  
  • use the Report Bullying box   
  • send an email to reportbullying@englishschool.ac.cy  
During Form Tutor time, our students participated in the following activities:  
  • Lesson on Banter vs bullying (Year 2 and Year 3)  
  • Discussion of song lyrics to raise awareness about inequalities (Years 2 and 3)  
  • Outlined their hand and wrote something they could do to stop/prevent bullying on each finger  
  • Make a noise T-shirts – wrote anti-bullying quotes on our old t-shirts; photo taken of our Year 2 students united against bullying  
  • The bruised apple experiment, performed in Year 1 tutor classes  
  • Year 1 learned about the difference between being a snitch and standing up for yourself or someone else (being a defender instead of a bystander)  
  • Empathy in Action (Year 2 assembly)  
Please enjoy the highlights of your children in action against bullying in the following video.  
Best wishes,  
Ms E Ignatiou   
Assistant Head, Lower School  


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