Celebrating Success: Our Students Shine at the Mathematical Olympiad

07 Jun. 2024

Celebrating Success: Our Students Shine at the Mathematical Olympiad
Celebrating Success: Our Students Shine at the Mathematical Olympiad
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We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students at the recent Mathematical Olympiad, where a whopping 33 young mathematicians from our school brought home medals. This year's results are a testament to our students' hard work, dedication, and passion for mathematics.

The Mathematical Olympiad is a challenging competition that draws some of the brightest young minds from around the region. Participating in this event encourages academic excellence and promotes a deep, enduring interest in mathematics. The competition was stiff, and the problems were tough, but our students proved their mettle.

Our Medal Winners:

Gold Medalists:

  • Year 1: Anastasi Stella, Panayi Despina, Christodoulou Nikolaos Nektarios, Raja Siddharth
  • Year 2: Cleanthous Sotiris, Su Zilin
  • Year 4: Gavriil Giorgos
  • Year 6: Mahdessian Ara

Silver Medalists:
  • Year 1: Iacovou Orestis, Paschalis Nicolas, Wang Qiran, Christou Ioannis, Chen Xinyi, Partassides Nicolas, Tandon Aanvi, Psomas Petros
  • Year 2: Aristodemou Andreas, Mahdessian Nayiri, Xie Ben Yixuan
  • Year 4: Shiakallis Philippos

Bronze Medalists:
  • Year 1: Kallis Harry, Georgiou Emili, Apostolou Michaelangelos, Liatsos Aristarchos Gregorios
  • Year 2: Lioudakis Giorgos, Lambrou Ioannis, Bali Aawan Khan, Katsambas Antreas
  • Year 3: Neophytou Marielena, Poullikkas Christian Leon, Hadjikyriacou George
  • Year 4: Anastasi Andreas, Song Peiqi

A special acknowledgement goes to Mr Andreas Demetriou, who runs our Enrichment Program and the Mathletes Club, which supports our Year 1 and Year 2 students in preparing for these competitions. His guidance has been invaluable, and the results speak volumes about the program's effectiveness under his leadership.

These achievements highlight our students' individual capabilities and our mathematics program's strengths. Our school continues to foster a learning environment that challenges and nurtures young minds, preparing them for future academic and life successes.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our participants. Your achievements reflect your dedication and hard work. You have made us all very proud!

Keep reaching for the stars, and remember, mathematics is not just about numbers, equations, or computations; it is about understanding the world around us.

We look forward to next year's competition and are excited about the potential of our future mathematicians. Well done to everyone involved!

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