Success at The English School Chess Tournament: Showcasing Exceptional Talent and Sportsmanship

26 Jun. 2023

Success at The English School Chess Tournament
Success at The English School Chess Tournament
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The English School hosted an exciting chess tournament over two days, on the weekend of June 17th and 18th. The tournament featured both the Secondary Schools Division on Saturday and the Primary Schools Division on Sunday, with schools participating from all over Cyprus. 

Our school proudly participated with four teams, each consisting of four or five players. The event garnered high anticipation and showcased the exceptional chess talent within our school community and the whole of Cyprus, climbing to a total participation of 108 students.

In the Secondary Schools Division, the Green Team, comprising Philippos Rouvas, Constantinos Zambas, Mikhail Kiselev, Alexios Hadjigregoriou, and Christoforos Panayi, achieved a remarkable second-place finish. Philippos Rouvas secured an outstanding first place in the 1st board rankings, demonstrating his exceptional skills and strategic prowess.

The Red Team, consisting of Pavlos Chrysostomou, Andreas Kyriakides, Evangelos Lioudakis, Giorgos Lioudakis, and Kyriacos Zapitis, also showcased their talent and dedication, securing a well-deserved third place in the tournament.

The Blue Team, represented by Ara Mahdessian, Elias Kirmizis, Panayiotis Stavrou, and Stefanos Vladimirou, exhibited remarkable sportsmanship and skill throughout the competition, earning commendable results.

Similarly, the Black Team, consisting of Garry Petrossian, Sotiris Cleanthous, Nikolas Alexandrou, and Konstantinos Kaloniatis, showcased their strategic abilities and dedication to the game, achieving notable results.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students who participated in the tournament, as they demonstrated great determination and fought impressive battles on the chessboard. Their exceptional performance reflected their hard work and commitment to honing their skills. Our students made us truly proud!

As a school, we eagerly anticipate hosting more chess events in the future and providing opportunities for our students to further showcase their talents. We also look forward to participating in upcoming tournaments where we can continue demonstrating our passion for chess and sportsmanship.

Once again, congratulations to all the participants, and a big thank you to the organizers (Mark Bryan, the Cyprus Chess Federation, various members of the English School staff and parents who helped) and supporters (OPAP) who made the tournament a memorable success.

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