Extra Curricular Award Ceremony Today!

21 Jun. 2023

ECA Award Ceremony
ECA Award Ceremony
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We are excited to announce that our Annual Extra Curricular Award (ECA) Ceremony is happening today! Join us as we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our talented students.

Date: Wednesday, June 21st
Time: 7 pm
Location: Newham Quad

This prestigious event will honour our students who have shown outstanding dedication, passion, and excellence in various extracurricular activities throughout the year. From sports to arts, robotics to debate, our students have gone above and beyond, and it's time to recognize their hard work.
The ECA Ceremony is a celebration of achievements and an opportunity for our community to come together and show support for our students' endeavours. Your presence would mean the world to them.

View the Award Ceremony Programme and Award winners. 

You can also download the programme from here

Join us and be part of the celebration!


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