Eleni Protopapa a Year 7 student, has received admission to the esteemed French university, Sciences Po.

25 Jul. 2023

Eleni Protopapa
Eleni Protopapa
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Sciences Po stands as an internationally renowned research university, known for its selective admissions process and global outlook, consistently ranking among the top institutions in the humanities and social sciences.

In her own words, Eleni Protopapa shares her experience and aspirations:

"Sciences Po has always been my top choice due to its unique model of gradual specialization, granting me the flexibility to carve my own academic path. With a focus on Social Sciences and Humanities and a minor in Europe-North America, my goal is to pursue a career in policymaking at a pan-European level. One of my core ambitions in studying in Central Europe is to achieve proficiency in all major EU languages. Although the primary language of instruction is English, I am excited about the opportunity to become fluent in both French and German during the course of my degree. I eagerly anticipate the chance to explore and challenge myself across various disciplines, especially during my third year, where I will be studying at one of Sciences Po's partner universities and undertaking an internship at an intergovernmental organization."
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